There is so much to be thankful for as I celebrate Thanksgiving year after year. For God’s grace, for Family, for Friends and for Opportunities. For exciting days, for blissful and happy moments. For the pain and sorrows, the frustrations and regrets that made me understand the meaning of resilience. For all my life’s experiences that made and unmade me. For all of these, I am forever grateful.

But this year is extra special. Because you came into my life.

I can’t begin to tell you how silly my life’s been since. My daily existence is totally comic whenever my mind drifts away to thoughts of you. You see, I sometimes find myself smiling in front of a horror flick but then tear up watching a Lebron James dunk! And how is it that I fall asleep in the middle of Furious 7 but with Kalyeserye, I’m wide awake at 2 AM?

And so I say thank you for all that you do. For giving this poor, lost heart a new direction. For making me look at the world in a brand new light, where there was once uncertainty, now it all seems right.

Thank you. For making me rediscover myself. The day I discovered you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, to the both of you! ~ Vilo