“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.” ~ Pope John XXIII

How time flies.

If not for the opportunity that you were given, you would have tried your chance at becoming a flight attendant- to explore the world with a set of sturdy iron wings. Oh how innocent you were into thinking that was the only way to fly!

I know you still recall how you felt that day, one fine Saturday in July, not knowing if it would all work out the way you want it to. The opportunity to explore who you really are and what you wanted to become was at hand. You were ecstatic, ready to take on this more electrifying chapter in your life. But deep inside, the pessimist in you was still in doubt. So many what-ifs its frightening, weakening, absolutely petrifying.

But you took the plunge anyway, taking with you the uncertainties, the worries and the fears and using them as your springboard to chase a dream, secret and ultimate, as you call it. Hoping with all hopes that you will flourish.

And flourish you did.

The camera was very easy on you. Or maybe it’s the other way around. You’ve been so comfortable in front of the camera that it cannot but respond to you as tenderly as a friend you’ve always known all your life. You blossomed graciously, like a butterfly so fragile yet oh so beautiful to the eyes. You are so genuine, you became the people’s new sweetheart. You captured our hearts like nobody had for a very long time. You captured the whole world like it has always been there, in the palm of your hands.

Along the way, you have become stronger. You had your share of physical, mental and emotional disarray. This new world, with all its deceits and pretenses hidden behind its blinding glitters, confused you. Its chaotic structure pushed you to your limits, to the point of overwhelming exhaustion! Any other woman would have crumpled and shriveled. Any other woman would have run to a dark corner and sniveled. Any other woman would have given up and faded. But you are not just any other woman.

And that endeared you to millions more of our kind.

Today, another Saturday, almost to when September ends, I have a strong intuition that you are going to be re-launched, with an overwhelmingly grander fanfare than your first one. This is the next chapter in the story of your life.

But now you have become more than just the butterfly. You are coming out like a baby eagle fresh out of the eagle’s nest. You are standing on the edge, looking up at the bright blue sky, ready to take that first jump towards whatever lies ahead, with the knowledge that the world is ready for your taking! Yes, still uncertain, but with purposeful conviction that, even without those sturdy iron wings, you are finally ready to fly!

Eto na Meng, lilipad ka na..

So spread your wings and fly like you’ve never flown before! Soar high, as high as your free spirit can take you. Don’t worry about falling because we will always be down here, constantly gazing up at the beautiful you, ready to catch you however high you fall to nourish you and launch you back to where you truly belong: up there with the brightest of stars- where your destiny awaits, where your dreams reside. ~ Vilo