Let me start this off with a few thoughts I have in my mind about the real score between Richard and Nicomaine, in reference to the general theme of discussions in the comments sections all over my blog. I will not claim infallibility because as with others, this is also just an expression of personal estimations. Time will tell whether or not we judged right. In the meantime, we can only speculate to feed our inner romanticism, or realism, depending on our inclinations.

Be that as it may, here is my simple and direct take on it.

I do see the wisdom in the words of Osho when he said: “You cannot live with expectations because life has no obligation to fulfill your desires. You can live with an open heart, but you cannot live with expectations.” But as much as I want to remain level-headed and conform to reason that what these couple show to the world is just that- a show, I still can’t quite shake off that lingering thought in the back of my mind that there is a deeper meaning to their constant display of affectionate gestures than just trying to please the crowd. They may be the best in their art but they are still human and are never immune to the emotional draw of affection, on- or off-cam. Besides, didn’t Fyodor Dostoevsky once said: “At first, art imitates life. Then life will imitate art. Then life will find its very existence from the arts.”?

He is a charming guy, quite the catch. And she is definitely a keeper. These two are meant to live their lives together, maybe not now nor in the near future, but eventually.

I am confident that before too long, if not already, they will realize that they really do complement one another, they balance each other out- literally two halves that found the other to complete a whole.

I am confident that before too long, if not already, they will realize that in each other’s hearts is where they rightfully belong.

And if the whole darn world thinks otherwise, I dare say with honest faith:

The whole darn world is wrong.

But enough of that, for now.

Because today marks yet another significant milestone in the ALDUB phenomenon- the official release of My Bebe Love, the first film introducing the love tandem that has swept the whole world by storm in the second half of the year 2015. The film is expected to draw quite a line, the magnitude of which we will be able to realize in the following days. I will be waiting for its release in my part of the world and watch it, mainly to support the couple more than anything else.

I am admittedly a movie enthusiast but am no critic. I watch films largely for entertainment. I might write a few words of accolade or criticism, but never a full-on review. Not my thing. I am more particular to comedies, thought-provoking thrillers and drama- especially courtroom dramas (my legal education is to blame for that). I don’t know why but I almost always fall asleep in the middle of action movies, unless they are action thrillers. And you won’t ever get me to watch a horror flick- they just freak me out, and leave me psychotically disturbed for days, ha!

Romantic feel-good comedies I can endure for watching at home and not in theaters, particularly during late afternoons in the winter, on the couch, under a fleece cover. In fact, I cannot remember even one instance that I watched a romantic comedy in a public cinema, so practically, this will be the first time for me if ever they do screen it in and around North-Central Florida after Christmas day.

Whether or not I will enjoy the film is a triviality. But I am truly excited, I’m not sure why. I did remit holiday gifts to friends and family back home along with an amusingly stern instruction to use a significant part of it to watch the movie. It’s the least I could do, really, given my circumstances. I just really want this movie to do well.

And of course, this is also the reason why I am writing this entry, to remind everybody that again we are given the chance to show the world the vigor with which this fandom is known to remarkably possess.

Let us not fail Alden and Maine.

Let us not fail ourselves!

Let’s go out there and make history once again!

Merry Christmas, ALDUB Nation!