Random thoughts.

What else could it be? It’s a friggin’ blog, so it must contain just aimless, driftless cogitations, right?

Well, yeah occasionally a cooking recipe might pop up, or NOT!

So for now, its just going to be some

Random thoughts.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Senor Pedro said:

    Hi Vilo, seems like you created a monster with your blog today. Just want to thank you again for being a catalyst for what I wrote this afternoon. My email was flooded with comments about what we both wrote, and I must admit it felt good to be able to share—and gather opinions, about what we write. I also felt that I might’ve intruded a bit into your space by writing all that in your platform. For that, I apologize. I would, however, enjoy sharing more insights and sidelines as this Aldub experience moves along, and it’d be interesting to compare notes with you. I don’t have my own blog, so there’s really no other platform for me to do so comprehensively. You can email me directly at ciao@cafepublico.com.ph should you feel like throwing some observations around. More power to you Vilo! –Peter

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    • Oh there is nothing to apologize for, sir Peter. I am honored that you chose my blog to share your take into this. Its me that needs to apologize because I was mulling over your comment for a good 10 minutes before I was able to approve it, I was so engrossed with it I forgot I haven’t published it yet, that’s how good you laid out your thoughts, and the reason why others were so inspired to contribute. I was going to post a reply immediately after but the time I spent reading it created a backlog of all new comments that needed moderation, hence I decided to just “like” it. Again, thank you and you are always welcome to post here.


      • Senor Pedro said:

        Right on Vilo! Now that we’ve got the Mutual Apology Club out of the way (though yours is unsolicited in any way!), I shall look forward to your succeeding posts.


  2. Hi Mr. Vilo,
    I read your blogs and i really like your points of view. =)
    I am also a believer that Richard and Nicomaine belong together.. =)
    I would like to share to you a song i have written..
    I hope you could listen to it and give it a little chance.. =)
    Here is the link.. Awit ni Meng (Title of the song)

    I hope you like it. =)
    Thank you! =)
    – Av –

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