My Bebe Love

Let me start this off with a few thoughts I have in my mind about the real score between Richard and Nicomaine, in reference to the general theme of discussions in the comments sections all over my blog. I will not claim infallibility because as with others, this is also just an expression of personal estimations. Time will tell whether or not we judged right. In the meantime, we can only speculate to feed our inner romanticism, or realism, depending on our inclinations.

Be that as it may, here is my simple and direct take on it.

I do see the wisdom in the words of Osho when he said: “You cannot live with expectations because life has no obligation to fulfill your desires. You can live with an open heart, but you cannot live with expectations.” But as much as I want to remain level-headed and conform to reason that what these couple show to the world is just that- a show, I still can’t quite shake off that lingering thought in the back of my mind that there is a deeper meaning to their constant display of affectionate gestures than just trying to please the crowd. They may be the best in their art but they are still human and are never immune to the emotional draw of affection, on- or off-cam. Besides, didn’t Fyodor Dostoevsky once said: “At first, art imitates life. Then life will imitate art. Then life will find its very existence from the arts.”?

He is a charming guy, quite the catch. And she is definitely a keeper. These two are meant to live their lives together, maybe not now nor in the near future, but eventually.

I am confident that before too long, if not already, they will realize that they really do complement one another, they balance each other out- literally two halves that found the other to complete a whole.

I am confident that before too long, if not already, they will realize that in each other’s hearts is where they rightfully belong.

And if the whole darn world thinks otherwise, I dare say with honest faith:

The whole darn world is wrong.

But enough of that, for now.

Because today marks yet another significant milestone in the ALDUB phenomenon- the official release of My Bebe Love, the first film introducing the love tandem that has swept the whole world by storm in the second half of the year 2015. The film is expected to draw quite a line, the magnitude of which we will be able to realize in the following days. I will be waiting for its release in my part of the world and watch it, mainly to support the couple more than anything else.

I am admittedly a movie enthusiast but am no critic. I watch films largely for entertainment. I might write a few words of accolade or criticism, but never a full-on review. Not my thing. I am more particular to comedies, thought-provoking thrillers and drama- especially courtroom dramas (my legal education is to blame for that). I don’t know why but I almost always fall asleep in the middle of action movies, unless they are action thrillers. And you won’t ever get me to watch a horror flick- they just freak me out, and leave me psychotically disturbed for days, ha!

Romantic feel-good comedies I can endure for watching at home and not in theaters, particularly during late afternoons in the winter, on the couch, under a fleece cover. In fact, I cannot remember even one instance that I watched a romantic comedy in a public cinema, so practically, this will be the first time for me if ever they do screen it in and around North-Central Florida after Christmas day.

Whether or not I will enjoy the film is a triviality. But I am truly excited, I’m not sure why. I did remit holiday gifts to friends and family back home along with an amusingly stern instruction to use a significant part of it to watch the movie. It’s the least I could do, really, given my circumstances. I just really want this movie to do well.

And of course, this is also the reason why I am writing this entry, to remind everybody that again we are given the chance to show the world the vigor with which this fandom is known to remarkably possess.

Let us not fail Alden and Maine.

Let us not fail ourselves!

Let’s go out there and make history once again!

Merry Christmas, ALDUB Nation!


Happy Thanksgiving Day, MaiChard!

There is so much to be thankful for as I celebrate Thanksgiving year after year. For God’s grace, for Family, for Friends and for Opportunities. For exciting days, for blissful and happy moments. For the pain and sorrows, the frustrations and regrets that made me understand the meaning of resilience. For all my life’s experiences that made and unmade me. For all of these, I am forever grateful.

But this year is extra special. Because you came into my life.

I can’t begin to tell you how silly my life’s been since. My daily existence is totally comic whenever my mind drifts away to thoughts of you. You see, I sometimes find myself smiling in front of a horror flick but then tear up watching a Lebron James dunk! And how is it that I fall asleep in the middle of Furious 7 but with Kalyeserye, I’m wide awake at 2 AM?

And so I say thank you for all that you do. For giving this poor, lost heart a new direction. For making me look at the world in a brand new light, where there was once uncertainty, now it all seems right.

Thank you. For making me rediscover myself. The day I discovered you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, to the both of you! ~ Vilo

You Dived In, Alden

Dude, eto na naman ako. Magdudunong-dunongan ulit sa mga bagay-bagay na nakikita ko sa ‘yo. Pagpasensyahan mo na, ikaw na lang lagi ang binabasa ko, di ko kasi masyadong nakukuha ang galawang babae. Hindi kita kilala bago nangyari ang lahat ng ‘to, but for the brief period of time that I have been observing you, I saw you transform from a man who is methodical and calculated, trying his very hard to please, into somebody who is now willing to ride with the wind- sassy, upbeat and enjoying every favor your newfound life has bared.

Madami na namang magsasabi na nag o-overthink na naman ako, na pinangungunahan ko na naman ang mga puso ‘nyo. Pero talagang ganyan lang ang mga katulad kong mga masyadong mausisa. At sasabihin ko sa ‘yo, marami din kaming ganyan, nakatambay lang dun sa isang secret group on facebook na kung tawagin ay A.A. Kailangan naming mabigyan kahulugan ang mga hindi namin masyadong naiintindihan dahil yun lang ang paraan upang maibsan ang pasaning dinadala ng aming mga damdamin at isipan dulot ng napakaraming katanungan na tanging panahon lamang ang magbibigay kasagutan.

Unang-una nais ko lang ipaalala na I have always maintained that what you are bringing into the table in this love tandem is true to life. Madami sa aming mga tagahanga ang nagsasabing ang lahat ng ito ay pawang aktingan lamang and that the chemistry is just onscreen. Siguro nga tama ang mga katagang yun. Minsan naiisip ko din na masyado na rin yata akong nagpapa-apekto gayung alam ko naman na showbiz lang talaga ito. Pero gayunpaman, bilang lalaki, napapansin at naiintindihan ko ang mga kilos, pananalita at maging mga mumunting pagkumpas ng pagsuyo ng kapwa ko lalaki. Hindi man sang-ayon sa akin ang lahat ng kalalakihang nakakabasa nito, alam kong marami-rami din naman ang makaka-relate dito.

You mimic.

Hindi ito yung mga galaw na kinailangan mong gawin para mag-ugnay ang mga pinapahiwatig nyo sa isa’t isa. Eto yung mga mumunting kilos, galaw, gawi, pananalita at pag-uugali na kung dati ay ginagawa mo consciously, ngayon ay lumalabas na lang ng kusa. Ang panggagaya mo ay nangangahulugang masyado ka nang engrossed sa kanya. Binibigay mo na ang iyong full attention kung kaya maging sa mga pinaka hindi halatang kilos nya, nakikita mo at subconsciously ina-attribute mo na unique ang mga ito sa kanya at kahit di mo sadya ay nakokopya mo na.

You are extra thoughtful and caring.

Sinasalo mo sya, sa mga pagkakataong alam mong vulnerable syaNatatakot kang sya ay masaktan, physically, socially and emotionally, di bale nang ikaw. Ayaw na ayaw mo na sya ay mapahiya, di bale nang ikaw. The gifts you give are well-thought out, hindi yung basta-basta lang na me maibigay ka. Pinag-aaralan mo syaInaalam mo ang mga ayaw at gusto nya. Binabatid mo ang mga bagay na alam mong magiging meaningful sa kanya pag natanggap nya. And you compromise. A whole lot. Hindi mo sya kayang suwayin. Anuman ang sabihin nya ay sinusunod mo, however absurd or whimsical they may be. Pinagbibigyan mo sya sa halos lahat ng gusto nya.

You bring meaning to chivalry.

Ayaw na ayaw mong makita syang nasasaktan. Sa mga pagkakataong pinapakita nya ang pag-aalinlangan, sinusurpotahan mo sya. Sa mga panahon na nakakaramdam sya nang lungkot, pilit mo siyang pinapasaya. You make her feel emotionally secure. Siguro dahil masaya ka pag masaya sya at nangingiti ka pag nakangiti sya. Gagawin mo ang lahat mapatawa mo lamang sya, kahit na ito pa ay nangangahulugang magmumukha kang katatawanan sa mga mata ng iba. 

You let her into your inner circle.

Ang pagpapakilala mo sa kanya sa iyong pamilya at mga malalapit na kaibigan ay ang pagpapahiwatig na karapat-dapat na sya at may karapatan na syang pumasok sa mundong iyong kinabibilangan. Ito ay nagkukumpirma na importante sya sa puso mo kung kaya sinasanay mo syang maging komportable kasama ang iba pang mga pinakaimportanteng tao sa buhay mo.

Your love language is touch.

Gustong-gusto mong palagi siyang malapit sa ‘yo. Gustong-gusto mo na lagi syang kasama. Gustong-gusto mo ang pakiramdam ng nahahawakan at nahahaplos mo ang mga kamay nya, ang buhok nya, ang mga pisngi, ang mga labi nya. Ang makayakap sya ay munting langit mo na. Ang mahalikan sya ay isang tunguhing hindi mo man minamadali ay itinuturing mong magiging katuparan ng isang napakagandang panaginip. Ang physical intimacy, kahit gaano pa ito ka inosente, ay nagdudulot ng kakaibang pakiramdam na hindi kailanman mapaparesan ng anu mang wikang nabibigkas o salitang naisusulat.

You are too attentive.

Ang mga lalaki, mahina sa listening skills. Madali tayong nakakalimot sa mga detalye ng mga pinag-uusapan dahil hindi tayo nakikinig. But when we truly care about a girl, we listen very intently. Ewan, dahil siguro giliw na giliw ka sa boses nya, o talagang gustong-gusto mo lang ipadama sa kanya na importante sa iyo ang mga sinasabi nya. Wala ka nang pakialam sa mga taong nakapalibot sa inyo tuwing nagsasalita sya. Ang ibang mga boses, ke galing pa yan sa presidente ng Amerika, ay buma-background pag nagsasalita na sya. Palagi ka din nakatitig. Your eyes dwell, sometimes way longer than what is appropriate, on certain features of her face and body- her eyes, her hands, her thighs- but most often her lips, isang senyales ulit na hindi mo man malay ay lagi mo itong iniisip at sa tuwing nakikita mo, you drift back to your own little happy reverie.

The tell-tale signs are there, it’s impossible to ignore them. In a crowd, the only face you see is hers. Whenever you are too close- just a breath away, you find yourself frozen in the moment.

Alam ko, lahat-lahat na sigurong emosyon nakukuha mong i-arte. Artista ka nga eh, kung di mo kayang mapaniwala ang mga manonood sayo na ang iyong mga ginagawa ay totoo, ano na ang kabuluhan ng bokasyon mo? Ngunit sadyang merong mga pahiwatig ng damdamin ang hindi kailanman madadaya. Pilit nating kinukubli ang mga ito bilang lalaki sa pag-aalanganing baka masyado na tayong mapagpahayag. Pinagtitimpi natin ang ating mga sarili- dapat tamang-tama lang, dahil pag napasobra natatakot tayong gagawing leverage yun ng babae to make it a little bit harder for us.  At aminin man natin o hindi, kahit handa tayong paghirapan ang panliligaw natin, gumagaan ang lahat ng yun kung nahihiwatig natin na ang ating sinusuyo ay may pagtingin din.

And I know you are trying your hardest, dude, I really do.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. The day you realize within yourself that this is the one you’ve been waiting for all your life, was the day you found your true self- silly, comic, goofy- far from the façade, the wall you’ve built around you all those years. You tried to stop yourself, to fight the feeling, for reasons you yourself never even understood. You tried to play your part with vivacity, but your eyes gave you away every single day. It is always in your eyes- the longing, the yearning, the void. It has always been there. You’ve been alone for so long you didn’t think you were lacking. But she came, like an angel on a cold lonely night, radiant and warm. And you were never the same again.

Whether or not this whole thing leads to a happy ever after for the both of you, nobody really knows for sure. Whether or not she reciprocates, that’s on her. What is important is that today, at this very moment, all you know is that what you feel is real.

Today, at this very moment, Alden, you did not only fell into love..

You dived in. ~ Vilo