To have access to the divine milieu is to have found the One Thing needful: Him who burns by setting fire everything that man would love badly or not enough; Him who calms by eclipsing with his blaze everything that man would love too much; Him who consoles by gathering up everything that has been snatched from man’s love or has never given to it. To reach those priceless layers is to experience, with equal truth, that one has need of everything, and that one has need of nothing.

Everything is needed because the world will never be large enough to provide man’s taste for action with the means of grasping God, or his thirst for the possibility of being invaded by Him. And nothing is needed for as the only reality, which can satisfy him, lies beyond the transparencies with which it is mirrored, everything that fades and dies between him and his fellowmen and it will only serve to give reality back to them with greater purity.

Everything means both everything and nothing; everything is God and everything is dust: that is what man can say with equal truth, in accord with how divine ray falls.