I remember a story by Anthony De Melo, recounting as much as I can, it goes like this:

Two monks come before a river and spot a young and pretty lady about to cross it. However, the current was too strong and the woman fears she wont make it on her own.

The first monk offered to carry her on his back, much to the profuse protests of the second monk. Having safely crossed, the lady thanked the first monk and went on her way.

The second monk continued to chastise the first monk for the deed, saying it violated their sacred oath never to touch a woman. This went on for a few more miles and hours into their journey. The first monk never said a word and seemed to be unstirred even with all the scoldings. After sometime, and out of utter frustration for having been ignored all this time, the second monk told the first monk:

“Your indiscretion and violation of our sacred oath makes you unworthy to garb in our cloth, take it off at once!”

To which the first monk turned and replied:

“My brother, I put down the woman back at the riverbank after we crossed it, why are you carrying her still?”