Is Maine Mendoza really that good?

It has been argued that what you see on the outside does not really reflect what you feel on the inside, that there really is no direct correlation. In a way this is true. People normally present facial and body expressions that belie the real feelings inside- call it a defense mechanism, or a natural human instinct to ensure society does not discover our deepest vulnerabilities. We show what we want other people expect to see from us. We hide everything else.

But watching Maine’s facial and body expressions is like being plunged into a roller coaster ride of emotions! She takes us to familiar but far-off places deep inside our souls. Without saying a word, she speaks quite eloquently! That is why her charm breaks through generation lines because everybody can relate with her. It’s like she has always been there, just waiting to be discovered. And when we found her, we were forever entranced!

At first, though, we found the antics to be quite dull and hackneyed. Amusing. Ehhhh, maybe a bit annoying. But there’s something about the way she does them that is very contagious- we find ourselves unconsciously mimicking the contortions, the varied, wide-ranging facial and bodily movements so mesmerizing its impossible not to get hooked into. We find ourselves drawn to it, building up slowly but deliberately, confusion and clarity and everything in-between all coming in at the same time until a flood of emotions overcome us! We burst into a myriad of sensations, feelings and passions we never thought we had! And we begin to laugh, not at her but with her.

Suddenly, everything about Maine is very fascinating, appealing. She sings and we start singing, she dances and we start dancing, she feigns anger and we feel it- raw and unadulterated.

Is this what they call an addiction?

She winks and we wink back. She smirks, and we smirk back. She smiles and we smile back.

She shows us the spark of a new found love, the joys and pains of loving, the hopes of a love waiting to be requited, the magnificence of that first real sight of a love so long dreamed about.

Then all of a sudden, Maine sheds a tear.

We begin to feel that we are losing our senses. Perplexity. Bewilderment. We want to hold back, but we can’t. Our eyes begin to well up, no amount of pretending can withhold. All our inhibitions go out the front door and a final act of defiance- then the walls come tumbling down!

We cry, like we never cried before. Weeping, sobbing, captivated by the spectacle that is before us. She brings out an emotion inside each and every one of us, one that we have kept hidden so hard and for so long.

And much to our surprise, we find the whole experience somewhat liberating. Like a baby kept in the deep dark womb for so long, now suddenly discovering a vast world so bright and so warm.

Maine Mendoza, Emoji personified, once again triumphed!

Oh what we would give if our phones show Maine Emojis instead of what they have right now. But we need to remind ourselves that there’s a limit to all of these: we have to omit them from our Hashtags, or our mentions won’t count! ~ Vilo