This is awkward.

I mean, I don’t even think this is appropriate. But I got here, so let’s just see how this goes.

From a guy to another, Alden, let me just start off with this: I know how you operate. In some way or another, all men are practically the same. We guard our feelings well. We use ambivalence and show disinterest even though we really like our girl. This is our defense mechanism. Back in our minds we know we must have a fall back position in the unfortunate eventuality that it does not work out too well. And the way we do that is to make it appear that we were not really that interested in the first place. Yeah, let’s be honest, even for just this once.

Some girls might find this a little bit sexist- I apologize and please understand that this is not my intention. This is what happens when we are too sincere- people sometimes get hurt. Nonetheless, let me elaborate on what I was going for.

Men usually use the same approaches when it comes to courtship. The most common of which is the giving of gifts. We don’t really know if girls fall for it, we know there are some that get offended, but most often than not, they do their job well. We can’t help it. I even dare say it is a human instinct, on the part of a man at least, to catch the attention of women by giving gifts. These gifts may cost a lot of money or they may not cost anything at all, but a gift is a gift is a gift. Believe me, men throughout history did some pretty grave things just to accomplish this. I remember I had to save up two weeks worth of my school allowance just so I can buy a gift for the girl that caught my affection. Did she actually like it? I don’t know. But I was proud of myself for being able to sacrifice hungry days just to get my girl something that she can remember me by.

Now back to what I was driving at.

This was the same approach you used, Alden. I saw what you did there. You started showering Maine with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, food and whatnot. Oh, I know, your good looks alone can get you any girl that you want, but as men are as men will be- you chose to work it.

And the effect was undeniable. The look on Maine’s face, her demeanor, whenever she gets surprise gifts from you, is very revealing. Or her act is too good, well maybe. But anybody can see, there is something in her smile, in the sparkle of her eyes that says she appreciates the thoughtfulness. The more you press your charm the more she responds- like a child giggling every time she beholds her very first crush.

You have ensnared her. You were right there, Alden. You had her from the get-go. This was all too easy.

Until you got tested.

In one episode, Lola Nidora asked if you were already serious about your feelings, not with Yaya Dub, but with Maine. You hid behind your pillow and avoided a straight answer. (Edited: Credit to Kathleen)

Everybody gasped! That was a total letdown! That hurt like hell, man!

You messed up. BIG TIME.

I’m sure you saw the look on Maine’s face in the background, the disappointment was very apparent. I could have sworn she was secretly hoping that you would say, or at least “ACT” in the affirmative. That would have sealed the romance. But no, you chose to be playful about it.

Later that day, Maine took to twitter and said everybody should be calm and you two were just out there to make the fans happy, which you reiterated on your own twitter post. That same night, Maine posted a “sigh”.

Maybe I was a bit over dramatic. Maybe I just read into it a little bit deeper than I probably should have. That sigh could mean a million different things. Why I chose to relate that post with what happened earlier in the day, I don’t know. I just did.

But the following days Maine began to drift away. I sensed it. We all sensed it. I know that you sensed it. She was not the same. She regressed to the Yaya Dub character that the audience began to feel it, the acts became a bit humdrum, monotonous. The spark is no longer there.

But I give you credit you are one hell of a charmer! You started opening up and enamored her back where you want her to be. You begin to let your guard down and people started reading into you. You showed sincerity like you never did before. Maybe you realized this was something that can work out? I’m not sure. But you are that good, man.

The most apparent show of your real emotions happened during your first meeting. The spark between the two of you was unquestionable. Epic. The whole fandom was ecstatic, thrilled, and very thankful to have witnessed something that is quite possibly as real and as fascinating as the first ray of sunshine in the morning.

Maine later said, “It was nice seeing you…. so nice. I am very glad.” That was as honest an impression as it can be. I was captivated by the fact that she said a very simple phrase but dang! That hit the right spot! To which you responded quite casually, “Nice seeing you too, sayang hindi man lang ako naka shake hands sayo.” I was like, really? That’s it? That was your reply? You can do better than that! Oh well, maybe it was just me and my penchant for words that are overly melodramatic.

After that moment you came out a different man. We can sense the change in you. I can sense the change in you. Funny how well men can relate with other men- the more you wanted to hide your real feelings, the more they became very ostensive. You now wear your heart out on your sleeve. The second meeting proved that point, you were overcome with the moment and you bared your soul. We saw a different person in you, Alden- we saw Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr.

On your 2nd monthsary episode, a few days before your “first date” with Maine, you got caught red-handed again, with those really catchy clichés you did with your fan signs. Oh man, was I proud! I could have screamed at the top of my voice: Alden, you rock! And with this was a fervent prayer: Don’t you dare mess this up, man. Take really good care of this very precious princess. You don’t know how lucky you are.

The 12.1M day came. You looked dazzling, she was exquisite! Everybody was rooting for the both of you to finally get some time to talk with each other, to laugh together, to at least touch each other’s hand. But all that transpired fell short of our modest expectations. Were we disappointed? Hell yes! But eventually, we understood the reasons. That’s just us, the all too faithful fandom. We endure.

You were disappointed too, I can tell. I’m judging, yes, but come on man, maglolokohan pa ba tayo? The segment ended with you writing, “So close yet so far”. And I could swear I heard an alarm clock ringing, screaming for me to wake up from this all too familiar dreamy act. Isn’t that a tad bit too shabby, Alden? That line has been abused too many times, for too long. It was a bit inadequate, to tell you the truth. What with all emotions running high all over the world. And all over twitter world! Hah!

Then you wrote this: “But it was really nice seeing you” And that, my man, swept me off my feet! Suddenly, those same words from Maine after you first met flashed back in front of my eyes! It’s simplicity is what made it stupefying. It was so sincere my eyes welled up in horripilation!

There it is, in all its glory, the final validation. Dude, she got you! Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza got you real good! ~ Vilo