Will I ever get over you?

As the song say, as soon as forever is through, I’ll be over you.

But when exactly will my forever be through? I never can see an end in sight to my affection. I never could imagine myself breaking free. I never could imagine myself waking up one day disenchanted, devoid of my infatuation.

Maybe that is the reason why I could never understand how anybody would fail to see the things I see in you. Maybe that is why I could never understand how anybody could not love you the same way that I do.

Yet, deep in my heart I know. Someday, that desolate day will come.

And when it does, please don’t cry. Never let tears of sadness grace that pretty face, I never was able to stand them. You came into my life like an angel on a tempest-tossed night so leave me with the same radiance. Let my last thought of you be like my first- spectacular, breathtaking.

Because when that day comes your name will altogether escape my memory. In my blank, thoughtless eyes you will be oddly familiar but sadly unrecognizable. I will sense that somewhere, in the course of my gloomy, uneventful, obscure life, you meant something to me, but I will no longer remember why.

Someday, when that day finally comes, you will have known..

I’m already over you. ~ Vilo