Who says you’re not perfect?

There will always be people that find fulfillment in pointing out the faults of others. They thrive in the idea that they know better. Where the truly great stumbled, there they lounge and pat themselves on the back. Where the talented and skillful flopped, there they bask in the hubristic admiration of themselves, proud of their exceptional wisdom to have seen what others failed to see all the while.

Faultfinders. They call themselves critics. The few that have never even risked out to get their feet wet but whine endlessly about the rain.

Well, they don’t matter.

You have proven, beyond all doubt, that you belong up there. All glory belongs to the player, not the spectator. Your doubts and uncertainties are all part of your greatness- they do not deter you, they encourage you to be better at everything you do! Your failures- they propel you to carry on and persist in the fight to make all your dreams come true!

Because after all is said and done, it was all you. Where they did not have the guts for, you charged in. Where they did not have the nerves to venture into, you dared.

Way to go, Meng. ~ Vilo