Now that Ang Tamang Panahon has come and gone I have decided to impart one last message for you Ms. Maine Mendoza.

First and foremost, I tip my hat to Eat Bulaga and its production team for that epic glorification of your professional, social and, in a lot of sense, personal relationship with Alden. I will never forget how it affected me emotionally and spiritually. I did fail my poor heart, like I tweeted. Alden has mastered the performance that will make even the hardest of hearts mellow and you, the genial, jovial, silly you- never fails to amaze. I still have goosebumps just thinking about all that came to pass and I still marvel at the thought of how thousands of people in the arena as well as millions of people around the world were able to witness as grand a gala as Ang Tamang Panahon. Poets will fashion ballads, minstrels will sing songs, writers will write stories, and raconteurs will tell tales for hundreds of years. They will remember your names. They will remember your story. They will remember that day.

But as much as it was a celebration of the whole show, it was more of a tribute for you. The story of your life was bared in a way that made us the spectators realize that as much as we think we know almost everything about you, we are still practically begging for more of you. Alden was there to fill in a very important part- to complete you, to guide you in the journey towards your place in history, where you are fatefully ordained to be. His role in all these made everything right- because it also tells a story about him, who he is, what he is about and how he has become the quintessential archetype of how a true gentleman is supposed to conduct himself. The chivalry, the gallantry, the romantic valiance that is imbued in that young man’s heart is ostensive, genuine, pure.

Hold on to Alden, Ms. Maine. He will take you to places you never knew you’d see!

So, back to where I was.

I have been writing pieces of thoughts these past few weeks. I purposely remained semi-anonymous, not because I have something in my personal life that I have to hide but because I find no real benefit in revealing my real self- none for me nor for my readers. I am not a writer. I never was, I never wanted to be. It is not my bread and butter nor will it give me the financial rewards I need to sustain my real life. This web space will remain here and outlive me. I can just disappear and leave all these behind because nothing and no one can hold back the faceless me.I am not seeking the attention from you or from anybody else, I just write with the hope that those who are able to read them, hopefully including you, will remember this little nook of a blog, when all of these things have already passed.

So believe me when I say I am not at all surprised that you haven’t really noticed these musings of a forlorn stranger. As one of the obscure and nameless members of the greatest fandom this Filipino generation has ever seen, I write in behalf of myself, and all the others who find it in their hearts to understand, connect to, and relate with what I am about to say.

If you do get to read all of these in the future, you might observe how I try too hard at delving into Richard’s psyche to get my message across. Not this time, though. But there is a reason to my methods- because there is a little bit of Alden Richards inside each one of us, your faithful followers.

Like Alden, you were revealed to all of us in the most fortuitous of circumstances. Like Alden, we fed our interest in you, in what you do, in who you are. Like Alden, we watched you grow in beauty and saw your delightful transformations. We were all enchanted by your innocence, your simplicity and stood in awe of your creative complexity.

We were there when you smiled. We were there when you laughed. We were there when you cried. We were there when you gaffed. Where Alden was, we were. What Alden saw, we saw. How Alden felt, we felt. And over time we realized that more than just a pretty face, you are, without a doubt, a truly beautiful soul.

So, whenever I write about the emotion that Alden was supposed to be feeling, whenever I write about the thought that Alden is supposed to be thinking, whenever I write about an act that Alden is supposed to be doing- I am actually writing about all things me. I am actually writing about all things we, your fans, are going through everyday.

Because like Alden, we fell in love with you, Ms. Maine. We fell madly in love with you. ~ Vilo